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How to improve quality of life whilst reducing our environmental impact on the planet is a complex and multi-disciplinary issue.

Research managed by The University of Sydney, which started in 2009, targeted this area and the results are available via research papers and articles on this website; those publications that have are available for release have hyperlinks to the documents or repositories.

The main aim of the research was to specifically investigate a Quality of Life (QoL) approach to sustainable housing in South East Queensland. Sustainable development models such as balance theory suggest that the benefit of sustainability is to integrate social, economic and environmental needs in the context of maintaining or improving the quality of life. The argument centres on the need to address the current paradox where high quality of life in South East Queensland is traded against high environmental impacts, such as higher energy consumption.

The project has been completed. If you use articles or papers from the study can you please cite them in your works so we can track where people are using the findings.